How to Make a White Wardrobe Work for You

One of the most important items that is found in any bedroom is the wardrobe. Admittedly, the bed is always going to be number one but the wardrobe comes in at a close second. After all, it is where we store our clothing and various other items that we use on a day-to-day basis. It provides the ability to keep the room neat and clean while at the same time, looking good from the outside.

For many people, there is no option but choosing a white wardrobe, and they may do it for a number of reasons. White has the ability to blend in with almost any type of decor and it can certainly add to a minimalistic feel to the overall room. There are also other things to consider so that you can make your wardrobe work for you.

One of the factors in selecting wardrobe is going to be the size of the unit. Regardless of whether it is a white wardrobe or any other color, if it doesn’t fit in the bedroom properly, it is going to detract from the overall decor. Perhaps you may even want to consider having one built-in, as it can be a seamless part of the bedroom.

Usability is also something to consider, and it certainly is important to think about what goes on the inside along with how it looks on the outside. When you have a wardrobe that holds everything with a little space to spare, it can really make you feel comfortable with your choice.

Finally, consider the possibility of keeping things as simple as possible. smartfitwardrobes, after all, is basically just a place where we store our stuff. When you keep things on a basic level, you can appreciate this piece of furniture and all that it has to offer.

How Do You Fight Gum Recession And Keep Your Chompers Healthy?

Do your gums get ignored? There are so many things to think about daily that it can be a little difficult to really take on all the advice that dental health professionals recommend. Some days you might be lucky if you remember to brush your teeth again at the end of the day. Experts even recommend brushing after every meal, but who can do that? Caring for your gums is just as important as caring for your teeth, so let’s talk a little about what approach you should take.

Think about dental care for a minute like you are supposed to think about dieting. When dieting, if you make a mistake, you are just supposed to keep pressing forward. You may not be able to keep up with every single aspect of dental care on a daily basis, but hey, you can try. Knowing and trying is half the battle, doing your best as you learn more about dental care and gum recession.

What type of toothpaste do you use? Perhaps you are in need of switching toothpastes now based on your personal situation. Look at what toothpastes are specifically recommended for people concerned about gum recession. Do you need to ask the dentist if you have gum disease? If you do have gum disease, you want to know.

One of the biggest weapons against gum disease is the mouthwash that people use. You hear about how certain ingredients better fight gingivitis, and this might also be something you need to look at moving forward. Attack gum disease on all fronts, and it can be a winning battle. No you won’t do everything a dentist recommends, but don’t let that stop you from looking into doing everything that you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a long time.

How To Start An Organic Skin Care Blog

Everybody can start an organic skin care blog. However, making is successful is a different issue. You have to be committed to work several hours a day, to purchase and review various products, as well as to take professionally looking photos of all these cosmetics you’re going to write about.

The first thing to do is to find a very good domain name and a web hosting package. The next step is to install your blogging software. WordPress is the best one. It is free and it is used by millions of websites. Besides, there are lots of professional layouts you can purchase and install, so you can build a very good looking blog in a matter of days.

Building your organic skin care blog is easy. The real challenge is to write content that attracts readers and social media interactions. This is where you’ll have to use your best internet marketing and SEO skills to gather a loyal audience.

If you manage to grow your blog to a decent level, are going to send you their new organic skin care products to try them and give your honest opinion about them. Some of them might even pay you a small fee for your articles, so you could make some extra money from your blog, without having to invest a fortune in web design and marketing. You could even become the ambassador of one of the most famous cosmetics brands in your country. If you get to this point, you’re going to receive a lot of invitations to be a speaker at important events in the cosmetics industry. You can build a name starting from a basic blog and a few face creams and moisturizers. Besides, you’ll have a very smooth and youthful skin, thanks to all those products you’re going to try.

NASA astronaut posts photos of the first flower grown in space

NASA just grew a flower in space, moving us one step closer to creating the life-sustaining space gardens from sci-fi movies like Sunshine and The Martian.

Astronaut Scott Kelly arrived on the International Space Station in March 2015, as part of a year-long mission with Russian cosmonautMikhail Korniyenko. The mission’s main purpose is to study the effects of a long-term stay in space, but their presence overlapped with NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren’s experiments with growing plants in space.

On Saturday, Kelly shared the result of one of those experiments on Twitter.

The ISS astronauts previously harvested their first crop of romaine lettuce last year, but flowering plants like zinnias are far more complicated to grow. Farmed using methods developed by NASA’s Veggie program, the edible zinnias sprouted from “pillows” full of fertilizer, seeds, water and clay, and are illuminated by LEDs.

In 2017, NASA plans to use a similar technique to grow tomatoes on the space station, adding more fresh produce to the astronauts’ diet.

Photo via Scott Kelly/Twitter

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We Asked Experts To Identify Every Flower Vagina In Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk’ Video

Zayn is ALL about botany nowadays.

The video for PILLOWTALK, Zayns first music video since splitting off from 1D, droppedlate last night, and we have SOOOO many questions.

Why is everyone melting? Who is that scary spike-faced lady? Why does Zayn insist on constantly reminding us of Gigis existence like were all going to suddenly forget theyre dating if we go a day without witnessing monstrously-hot PDA between the two?

Most importantly, though, whats up with that flower lady?

OK, yes. Obviously that is MotherEarth, and she is hanging out in Zayn’s apartment, which is made of just colorful oils and glass pellets at the end of the world’s largest kaleidoscope. Duh, we obviously got all that.

My question is more like,

Hey! Zayn! What kinds of flowers are these?

How am I supposed to createa shot-for-shot remake of this video using just myself, a Handycamand some tasteful pasties without having the RIGHT flowers?

I want to give people a visual filet mignon, not slum it in the chops section of a Zayn-themed Golden Corral.

Using the help of Mark Allen Wetter, senior academic curator and collections manager in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s department of botany, and florist Alberto (no last name, like Zendaya), who runs Blooming Affairs Floral & Event Design (everyone go check out his Yelp page), I was able to getthe skinny on Zayn’s floral choices for the “PILLOWTALK” video.

1. Zayn’sVagina Flowers: Part One

“It is an Oriental poppy (Papaver).” –Mark Allen Wetter

“The image is very distorted. It could be a cactus, though, with some flower pedals off the side.” – Alberto

2. Zayn’s Vagina Flowers: Part Two

“Maybe a lily or an orchid. They all come in different colors. It is big enough to cover ‘her,’ so I’d definitely say lily.” – Alberto

3. These are just like regular flowers — oddly normcore for this mess of a video.

“It’sa mixture of at least two different flowers: The flowers with the big fat petals (main pink flower and the one to the left of it) are peonies (Paeonia), and the flowers with small strap-like petals are either mums (Chrysanthemum) or Gerbera (Gerbera) daisies. Both of these two are in the same plant family, and without seeing the leaves, it is not easy to tell them apart. There may actually be at least one other type of flower in the image — it’s hard to tell from the image.” –Mark Allen Wetter


“It is so stylized that it may just be a computer graphic; if a flower, it could possibly be a parrot feathers tulip (Tulpia), but a positive IDis impossible.” –Mark Allen Wetter

“Probably some sort of orchid.” – Alberto

At the end of the day,the most important thing is we recruited a new Zayn Malik fan.

“This is actually a kind of good video.” – Alberto

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She Offers A Sloth A Tasty Flower, But He’d Much Rather Have A Hug

Sloths are one of nature’s most unusual animals. They almost seem like a mistake, but they are actually highly evolved, just not in the ways we usually associate with those words. They’re not an incredibly speedy predator like a cheetah. They’re not incredibly smart like a dolphin or, you know, human. Their evolution led to some pretty specific features.

Their most notable one is their massive claws, which curl inwards and help them to cling to tree branches with little effort. Even their fur grows differently from other mammals, growing upward toward the head instead of downward toward the limbs. And of course, their uniquely slow movements. This is tied to their diet, which consists mainly of plant matter that doesn’t happen to provide a tremendous amount of calories and is also difficult to digest. The body weight of a healthy sloth is typically almost 70 percent food in their stomach. If it were the same in humans, I’d weigh another hundred pounds!

And that digestive system, whoa. I mentioned the food is hard to digest? Well sloths have an ingenious solution to that. And their solution couldn’t be more slothlike. Their digestive process takes nearly a month to complete.

In other words, sloths are simply astounding creatures that do simply astounding things, they just require a little more patience to appreciate. One thing that we can all appreciate is footage like this, of an adorable rescued sloth, deciding to forgo a tasty snack in favor and the world’s slowest, cutest hug.

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