Trump Encouraged an to mow the Rose Garden lawn

Carlos Barria/Reuters Eleven-year-old Frank Giaccio captured the attention of the president when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders examine his correspondence at a media briefing a month. On Friday, the boy chose to fulfill President Donald Trump in individual – while mowing the lawn. Frank, who runs his own landscaping support asked Trump in his letter if he could pay a visit to the White House.   “It might be my honor to mow the White House yard some weekend to you,” Frank wrote. “Even though I’m only ten, I would like to show the nation what young folks like me are prepared for.

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Trump Abandons Climate Deal in Style, With A Few Jazz at the Rose Garden

If Donald Trump understands how to do one thing, it’s promote himself. He’s made a career that has brought him into the White House, an whole career of it. His latest stunt was a service to announce that he will pull their Paris climate agreement and america apart, joining Syria and Nicaragua as only nations to rebuke the remainder of the world’s commitment to stem climate change.

While on the campaign trail, Trump said he would “offset” the deal, which, as Trump set it, allowed “overseas bureaucrats control over how much energy we use.” He was supposed to announce his choice regarding whether the U.S. could remain in the deal while he was abroad, but postponed the conclusion–possibly fearing in-person backlash from another G7 leaders, that again the accord.

What followed was a set of announcements and tweets drumming up hype to the unveiling of his final choice.

Many likened the string of eager announcements to a thing from The Bachelor, a nod into Trump’s earlier celebrity as a reality TV star. Would the Paris deal Be given a rose by Trump? Tune in Thursday at 3 p.m. to discover!

He tried to generating an unreasonable   level of anticipation for something which could have been declared in a media release was to be expected, but no Trump event is complete without a absurd wrinkle which compels us to once more pinch ourselves to confirm that we are not living in a dream. Input a jazz group dressed in army uniforms.

We’ll refrain from any effort to dissect the line of thinking as it made a conscious effort to secure a jazz group to precede a presidential announcement that he is effectively an exaggeration of any queries regarding the environment whatsoever of the White House. We don’t want to go mad.

Since Russ Bengston of Complex pointed out about Twitter, the jazz group was, clearly, all white. By history-changing–and possibly world-ending–statements Trump sure does know how to keep on brand.