Altar pieces can be very formal arrangements for indoors, or very informal arrangements for outdoor use. Many types of green plants can be used for altar pieces and very dramatic by draping fabric, or tulle around green plants, or placing plants on pedestals and draping fabric or tulle to the floor. Tulling and fabric can be used in the arrangement to reduce expense of flowers, and puddling tulle or fabric around arrangements is an inexpensive way to create drama and cut costs on florals.

Fabric or tulle or ribbon is a fresh look with greens on candelabras. Keep in mind that all flowers during the ceremony can be used at the reception, including candelabra pieces, on the head tables.

When purchasing reception florals for your wedding, you can use the altar arrangements which you have used in the ceremony for the reception, as well. Table centerpieces can be done inexpensively with tulle or fabric, puddled under glassware with floating candles, and flowers. Also cake plates are beautiful with candles in different heights, with flowers or petals around the candles. Three goblet glasses or wine glasses, turned upside down with a glass plate on top, makes an elegant centerpiece for flowers and candles. Many thrift shop shoppers can find glassware at thrift shops months in advance to use for their wedding centerpieces, and all glassware on tables do not have to be matching. Makes a much more unique look with all the tables a little different. Attendants bouquets can be used on the head table for your reception, as long as the attendants bouquets are substantial enough. Also think of using the bridal bouquet on the head table, as well, and clamps can be purchased through Lady Jane Floral to hold these in place, or purchased at your local craft store.