Bouquets are as individual as the bride. Most brides choose colors for the bouquets and their wedding flowers, and then the style they want, whether cascading, arm held, round, hand tied, or in holders. Flowers in holders usually hold up longer than hand tied bouquets, due to the fact that the flowers are in floral foam that have been soaked in water. But all bouquets should last several days after the ceremony. It is best to decide on a theme for weddings and use the theme throughout the ceremony, and reception, but keep in mind that as long as you stay in the same color theme, you can use different types of flowers.

Flower arrangements, vary in price, depending on the flowers you choose for your wedding. More expensive flowers are: Calla Lilies, Gardenias, Orchids, Freezia, Lily of the Valley, Magnolias, Stephanotis, and Paper Whites.

Medium Price Flowers are: Roses, Hydrangea, Star Gazer Lilies, Sweet Pea, and Delphinium.

Lesser Price Flowers are: Carnations, Daises, Mums, Wildflowers, and Fillers.
Flowers that are in season are less than flowers not in season, due to the fact that florists have to purchase them on the International Market. Keep in mind that certain flowers, are more expensive around Valentines, and Mothers Day.

Lady Jane will deliver a catalog of colored pictures, of over 100 roses, to choose from, when she comes to your designated place for a consultation. These are the hottest and newest colors on the market for roses, and spray roses.