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Floor safes are a useful type of safe that is often preferred of free-standing safes. They are made to be installed into concrete. The fact that they are hidden from view and durable makes them extremely sound investments in protecting your valuables. They do require professional installation but they are worth the extra investment and time. Read this article in order to get more tips about safes.

You may shop from simply safes online for floor safes. They are also listed as underfloor safes. They can hold jewelry, coins and anything else you want to protect. They offer a deposit feature so that you can put these items into the safe without needing to open it. They are usually square in shape but they also come in circular styles.

They also come with locking mechanisms. You can have them installed with a manual combination lock. You can also opt to upgrade them in the future by installing an electronic lock if your model can be outfitted with one.

You can install the safe yourself. However, it is best to hire a professional builder to do the work. This is because the safe must be secured into concrete properly. The concrete has to be approximately twice the width and depth of the safe. Most any dealer in floor safes will be able to have a professional with experience do the installation of your safe.

Simply shop for your desired floor safe online to find the model right for you. Your dealer will be able to help you with any questions you have and will be able to arrange for its quick installment. Most people will want to have the safe installed in between floorboards.

Underfloor safes are unique and truly effective at protecting those belongings you value. The best part about owning a floor safe is that only you will know you own one.