Kit Harrington And Rose Leslie Are Officially Married

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In a castle, in the cold north, Jon Snow has forsaken his Night’s Watch vows and married the wildling Ygritte, or at least the actors who play them have. 

That’s right Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, both of whom starred in the mega-successful fantasy series Game of Thrones, have become husband and wife at last.

The couple married at Rose’s childhood home Wardhill castle where eighty members of their closest family and friends, including co-stars Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage, gathered for the celebration.

Rose and Kit met in 2011 while working on the second season of Game of Thrones, where they played enemies turned lovers Jon Snow and Ygritte, and they’re believed to have started dating soon after.

There were rumours that the pair had split up but they proved false when they got engaged in September last year.

A source at the time told :

 Kit’s known for ages he’s wanted to marry Rose but he wanted them to get a house and settle down a bit first. After moving in together in January he felt it was the right time to take the next step.

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The couple later announced their engagement in The Times newspaper.

The couple’s ad read:

The engagement is announced between Kit, younger son of David and Deborah Harington of Worcesterhire, and Rose, middle daughter of Sebastian and Candy Leslie of Aberdeenshire.

Kit Harrington recently revealed that his and Rose’s wedding day, unfortunately, coincided with one of the last days of shooting on the Eight and final season of Games of Throne.

In order to get his friends on the show the time off work, he had to call the producers and ask them if they minded shutting down filming for a day so his guests could attend.

He told Jonathan Ross:

I rang up [the producer] and I said, ‘I’m getting married and it’s your fault actually’… I think for the final season he is so stressed that he’s reached that peaceful level.

I was like, ‘You need to factor in a Game of Thrones wedding by the way.’ They have all got to be there so the whole thing has got to shut down.

Luckily the producer said yes although if we’re honest we think he was probably just grateful for a day off as well.

According to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister on the show, everyone’s been working harder than ever to give the show a send-off fans will love.

.@nikolajcw praises his #GameOfThrones cast members: ‘We haven’t had any a–holes. It’s quite something’ at #CannesLions presented by @inscapetv |

— Variety (@Variety) June 20, 2018

He told :

We’ve worked harder than ever before. We spent twice as much shooting these six episodes than we did on two full seasons before. No expense has been spared. We’ve gone all in.

Fans will have to take Nikolaj’s word for it for now though as the last six episodes won’t air until next year, but at least they can take some satisfaction from the news that each of the episodes will be feature length.

Not only that there is apparently at least one Game of Thrones spin-off on the way as well, so we won’t saying goodbye to Westeros for a while yet.

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